Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heard first mix of "Nothing Without Me" and it's ROCKING!

Wow I had another session with JM on Sunday (after 2.5 hrs sleep courtesy of Vanessa...and my rather eager decision to make it an 8am session~Yes I'm that excited!) and after another three hours of hard work listening and choosing, we have finally got our first rough mix of my song!

Of course there will be a few small changes to make upon listening to it a few times, but all in all I'm extremely happy with it! I know it's all I seem to be talking about lately but it's just because I'm so damn excited and I just can't wait for all of my friends to hear it :D

The producer that I'm currently working with is convinced that the song is a hit and he gave me a heads up on Sunday that he is going to show it to the President of EMI Records in L.A. (Billy Mann). He is very confident and thinks that it might possibly land me a deal.

It's such great news! Although I am very excited, I'm still trying to keep cool about the whole thing...after all the last time that I was offered a 360 deal from a producer in L.A. it was a very disappointing experience. However, everything seems to be happening a lot differently this time so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

We will be making the changes this week and then hopefully the song will be about ready for public listening! Providing of course that I don't get snatched up by EMI lol! I will keep the updates on my blog pages and twitter page (www.twitter.com/PetronellaMusic) so please follow if you'd like to be kept in the loop!

That's all for now I think...

Until next time :)


Wiccan13 said...

Way to go lady will keep fingers croxxed to and hope the deal comes thru. Can't wait for you to play in vegas and we can meet. will get front row seats and we can party maybe not hardy but we will have fun. Take care and blessings.

Anthony J Langford said...

Wow - thats very exciting... some big contacts there.. keep us posted...

Petronella said...

Thanks Anthony I will!

And Darlene, I didn't know you lived in Vegas! I was out there in July for my birthday last year. X