Sunday, May 9, 2010

Post-Gig Adventures

Here we are again...another "normal" gig night at The Mustang Bar in Perth, although we have had a fill in drummer. Awesome BTW! Yeah we all packed in to Damiens' van (Vanessa), including himself, his girlfriend Dolly, our roadie Adam, our guitarist Mike, our drummer Sam, and of course myself! Not to mention all of our gear inclusive...

So we all trundled off to the gig and everything was sweet as apple pie. Gig went well, amidst the show was Sams' challenge to me, to insert a certain (possibly dirty) word into one of my songs, replacing normal song lyrics with *a certain word or sentence* which I have to say I did very well ;-) After the gig, we loaded out and set off on the relatively short path home...or so we thought!

Now of course, we had a rehearsal before the gig this night as we had a fill in drummer playing with us, we needed to make sure that he was savvy with all of our tunes...which he was :)
So all of our cars were nicely parked waiting upon our return to Damiens' house.

So there we all were, happy as larry, heading home via Damiens' house down Orrong Rd until Vanessa started shuddering. Just small ones at first, then small turned into medium, and medium into big until she conked out on the road. CRAP! All these people and all this gear!! But it's OK because it's a gas conversion, so we've run out of gas but we'll just switch it to petrol...meanwhile slowly idling through a major freeway intersection at a speed less than that of walking pace...luckily the lights were still green for us! SO here we go, making the switch over to petrol she'll start...I said, now she'll start...AHEM I SAID NOW SHE'LL START!

Are you kidding??! NO FREAKIN WAY!!! Wouldn't start. Just gave us nothin! So here we all are, once again, in the middle of the road, stopped. Damien says "let's just hop out and give her a rest eh?" "No worries" we all say (Keeping in mind we're still in the middle of a used road LOL!) So we did. Got out, entertained ourselves, waited for about 10 minutes and tried again. But still no luck.
OK so we're gonna have to push her to a petrol station (which luckily is actually in sight!)

What a sight for sore eyes! Damien (A.K.A rockstar), Sam (fighting fit), Mike (unfit) and me (in heels!) running down the road pushing the damn van! HAHAHA if only I had pictures to add :D

We got her to a petrol station, but what a turn of events! We filled her back up with gas and off we went. Got home not a problem. Geez what a night...just what you need after a lengthy and high-energy gig!

There is no moral to this story, however there is a happy ending...we all got home safely ;-P


_aelyz said...

Wow what a crazy night!

Glad you made it home in one piece =D

Anthony J Langford said...

Maybe the moral to the story is check the gas meter!! lol..
Well, it reads like a comedy or errors but was probably really frustrating.. i reckon theres a song in there somewhere!!
good story tho..


Damien Paul Jeffery Cripps said...

Jeeeez Girl i dont remember it being this funny - but it seems funny now to read it :)

Petronella said...

Haha Oh but it was! Glad you read it :)