Sunday, May 2, 2010

Exclusive Artist Interview on WSF Radio (Chicago, IL)

So last night I was all ready for a normal gig night...or so I thought!

We had a lovely pre-gig conversation with a wonderful lady Susan in Fort Payne (Alabama) who finally got to meet the whole band! :)

Well the gig itself was pretty normal (if you can ever really call them that!) songs were rockin' as were we ;-P

Huge crowd response down at The Mustang Bar on a Saturday night singing with the Damien Cripps Band. Even had a guy tell me repeatedly that he wanted to marry me! HA! Like I normal as it usually is!

Anyhow, we were in for a real treat. After the show, amidst our post-gig hype we got to do an exclusive band interview on live WSF Radio in Chicago! I mean, we were just hangin out on the phone to a lady running a radio station in Chicago! Was a heap of fun! We got to hear the band songs being broadcast live on WSF Radio as we were sitting there on the phone to them! They played about 10 tracks which is really cool.

We did actually take some video of the nights events, so that will be posted up on the internet somewhere at some point so I will make sure that I post the link as soon as I have it. And as for the radio interview, well if you missed it you can listen to it here: 

Well that's about it for now I think!

Until next time...check out my myspace page at for some hot tunes!


Renagade said...

It was awesome to talk with you!

Actually the Show host on WSF Radio was in Chicago, IL, And I was on the other phone in Fort Payne, AL.

I can wait to see the video from that night.
I also must say it was an honor to speak to all of the Damien Cripps Band pre - show. That 'van call' made my day!

For those who missed the show ... they can stop by :

And listen! You rock lady!

Petronella said...

Thanks Susan!

I've now edited it so it reads correctly ;-)

Talk soon! And thanks for the compliments.