Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Single to be Released on iTunes Soon!

Those of you that follow my twitter page ( will know that I have been working with an extremely talented producer John-Mark Seltzer.

I have been writing original songs for a few years now, and my style has ranged a little from acoustic to funk/rnb to rock. From writing in these different styles I have now settled with the genre that feels most like home to me...ROCK BABY!

I love it! I love the raw energy, the explosion of adrenaline that I get when I jump onstage and perform rock music. It's so much fun!

So that is currently what I am working on at the moment with JM. JM is a producer at EMI Records in LA, and also a talented singer/songwriter, with the incredible Billy Mann as his manager (the man behind P!nk's 'I'm Not Dead' album).

I completed writing the song and sent it to JM. He immediately liked it, but thought that we could work on it to make it really "pop" in the chorus. So after a few long hours and hard work, we have rearranged and rewritten a few parts, and it is now sounding absolutely incredible! His words were "If I heard this on the radio, I would want to know who it was!" so I can't be much happier than that!

He has since offered to produce it for me, so I am in the process of recording the vocal takes this week and will send them to him for mixing and mastering purposes...then I will have a new track!

I will be releasing "Nothing Without Me" via iTunes in the coming few weeks so definitely keep your eyes and ears peeled for its debut!
And I am currently working on some other material to follow it up with a kickass EP~just the right kinda ear candy :D

I am so excited that I'll be sharing my song with you all very soon!