Monday, May 17, 2010

Day One of Get Fit Regime for Music Video-The Morning After...

So yesterday I got the news that I need to make a music video for my first single "Nothing Without Me" which I am very excited about as I've never made a video before! However, then it dawned on me and I thought "this means that even though I've been going to the gym and trying to eat healthily previously,  now I have absolutely no excuses. I'm going to have to step it up a notch!" This will mean including a lot more cardio in my fitness plan (which I absolutely hate doing!). I will always stick by my guns on this one when I say I've never been, nor ever will be, a runner. I am just not built for it~and my asthma makes it more difficult.

So anyway, finding myself absolutely exhausted from a bad nights sleep I dragged myself off to the gym. I go with my boyfriend as he was recently studying fitness at TAFE and being 6'7" with an unfairly fast metabolism~he likes to go regularly. So at least this helps to keep me motivated...most of the time.

Having said I dragged myself off to the gym, I ended up doing probably one of the most intense workouts I've done in a very long time! The only thing that kept me going was watching the TV screens at the gym (one of which plays [V]) so I was watching a never-ending supply of music videos whilst I was working out FOR a music video lol! All in all it was quite a strange experience, but nevertheless I started getting some good ideas for mine.

I have started inquiring and asking around for people who are connected in the industry and who might be able to help me out. I have found that one of my friends (and talented musician also-check out his band at used to work at FOX Studios and I'm meeting with him on Thursday this week to chat about costs and requirements and format etc. Hopefully he likes my song and is able to help me out!

So anyway after a great day, I also had a great nights sleep last night...sad to say I woke up this morning in agony! Hahaha! Ahhhh well, it might take a while with the gym beating me into submission...but don't worry, one day soon (Hopefully) I'll start kicking IT into submission!

Until then...or next time ;-)


Wiccan13 said...

Hey Lady sounds like a tuff but good road ahead. Tip for sore day afters soak in hot bath with epsom salts. Helps relax the muscles and remove all the toxins from the body too. Look forward to seeing video. Hugz and truck loads of good wishes to you.

Anthony J Langford said...

I've made music video's - they can be done for 50 bucks to 50,000 so just be honest with what your prepared to spend.. a good creative psn can make a good video on the cheap.. also, ive seen expensive videos that are just shite.. shop around..get them to pitch their ideas to you.. its all about the concept..a good video will get you onto Rage etc.. as long as the song holds up too..obviously...but if theyre asking for more than a cpl of grand, forget it...

Petronella said...

Hey Anthony,

Thank you so much for your insight!
That sounds very interesting! Who have you made music videos for? It'd be great to check them out if you have a link so that I can get some ideas :)

The minimum will be about $1200 (Aus) which is pretty good as all I have to pay for is camera hire and editing. My friend has many connections and people that owe him favours which he is willing to help me out using! I am very lucky. I know that there are endless possibilities and price can get blown out very quickly but if I can come up with a good concept and keep it simple, then hopefully I won't need to pay more than the minimum :D