Monday, July 12, 2010

Canning the Video

OK guys here's the scoop...

I met up with the man who was going to be shooting my video, and it turned out to be much more expensive than I was quoted. So unfortunately I won't be going ahead with it.

After speaking to my friend/producer in LA, he agrees wholeheartedly that there is no point in spending that kind of money on a video right now.

So instead, we're just going to keep working on getting the songs ready for my album :)
Which is all very exciting still!!!

We have two in the bag first single "Nothing Without Me" and my second (newly finished) "Your Lie".

With that underway I am now re-evaluating my options and have decided ultimately to spend any money I do have on polishing the songs to a finished quality.
I am about to completely revamp my website and my image (maybe a new photoshoot too!) to really capture my my website was created over a year ago now when my flavour was more about funk/r&b music.

So there are many positives to come from this...and above all it's my birthday on Wednesday (14th) so getting excited about celebrations!

Hope you all are doing well and will let you know when I have finished it all so you can go and CHECK IT OUT!

Til next time, thanks for stopping by...

Love Petronella xXx


Anthony J Langford said...

Sorry to hear that. As I said, big ideas cost. You can still make something simple for less than a couple of grand. I've made videos for only a couple hundred bucks, and they have screened on Rage. All you need is some creativity. I think it's important in selling yourself to have a video of some description, even if its a simple live recording. This will give people more of a sense of who you are. With today's home technology, there's no reason why you can't put a video together for basically nothing. Even if it's only for a website. Everyone has to start somewhere.