Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making a Music Video

Guys I'm so excited! The other day I was talking to my producer and he thinks that I need to make a music video for my first single "Nothing Without Me". As most things these days are visual, he said it would make a complete package...plus something for me to work on while I am writing other songs for my EP.

So here came the first hard step...where on earth to start??! Where do I find people that can help me make this happen? So like any normal person of this day and age, I posted the question on facebook. To my surprise (and delight!) I had an overwhelming response and have decided to go with a friend of mine, who also fronts the awesome rock band 'Kickstart'. We sat down and had a chat last week and he gave me a lot of things to think about...I can just tell that my control-freak side is going to come out!
He has a crew of people that are willing to give up their time to help Tony to help me make this work which I am so thankful for! I really am very lucky!

The only thing left to do now, is to start doing my homework...watching as many music videos as I can tolerate, and pick out and write down things I like about each one. Whether it's costumes, looks, scenery, backdrop, general ideas or storyline ideas etc.
I also have a friend who is an amazing dancer who said he would be willing to get his crew together if I wanted dancers. Aaaah I'm totally swamped! I have so many ideas and so many thoughts running through my head~how am I ever going to make any sense of it all?!

I am also of course, very willing to hear ideas if you would like to be a part of this process and help feed me any suggestions as I always think "the more the merrier"!

So I will keep everyone updated with my ideas and all, but please do write in and let me know what you think!

Peace xXx


Anthony J Langford said...

Yeah, thats awesome..

Lots of people will help because making video's and films can need alot of lackeys...

As long as you have a few key people who know what theyre doing.. enthusiasm is great but you want those who can deliver too..

Its easy to get swamped but what sells a video (unless youve got a lot of money to spend) is a strong central idea.. keep it simple...its not a film so for your first one, keep it simple.. remember, you want to sell yrself and the band.. dont get too carried away..keep it sexy & keep it fun..most low budgets vids have these

Anonymous said...